Luerssen Defence
Neue Jadewerft

Neue Jadewerft – Bearing responsibility for people and the environment

For over 70 years we have set the greatest store by the quality of our products and services and we guarantee our customers the services of a highly motivated team in a reliable and flexible business environment. Thanks to our ethos of commitment and the shipbuilding skills and expertise of our qualified staff, we are optimally positioned to handle a wide range of challenges in the areas of extensive repairs, servicing and maintenance work and refits of yachts, working, passenger and naval vessels, and able to develop and efficiently implement solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

From the outset, our top priorities have been the safety of our employees, service providers and business partners, and treating the environment responsibly. We do not see our adherence to the most exacting of environmental protection and healthcare standards as simply the fulfilment of requirements – it is, in fact, an inherent part of our company philosophy, to which we will continue to remain true in the future. This is why we are systematically working to optimise the quality and efficiency of our products and services and specifically introducing all the latest environmental protection and healthcare standards to the Neue Jadewerft shipyard.