Luerssen Defence
Neue Jadewerft Shipyard plan

Floating dock

Length: 150 metres

width: 24 metres

load capacity: 8,000 tonnes


Length: 80 metres

load capacity: 2,000 tonnes


Length: 300 metres

capacity: 300,000 tonnes

Shipbuilding hall

Length: 100 metres

width: 24 metres

height: 26.35 metres

Optimised down to the last detail

The journey between the North Sea shipping routes and the Neue Jadewerft shipyard is one of the shortest around.

As a state-of-the-art compact shipyard, the Neue Jadewerft yard is specifically designed to handle the repair, refitting, servicing and maintenance of yachts, auxiliary ships and naval vessels up to 150 metres in length. With its floating dock, a slipway and shipbuilding and production halls on an area of 40,000 square metres, the shipyard boasts highly efficient production capacities. The Neue Jadewerft shipyard is located in the non-tidal port of Wilhelmshaven and is accessible via the world’s second-largest lock, with two lock chambers each 390 metres in length, 60 metres wide and 14 metres deep.

The 150-metre floating dock, which is classified and regularly checked by Germanischer Lloyd, is continuously modernised and features a sonar system, hydraulic bilge blocks and hydraulic lateral walls to guarantee the vessels’ safety when docked.

In all, the Neue Jadewerft shipyard has four berths with a total length of 440 metres and draught of at least 8.50 metres within the port. An additional 315-metre berth with a draught of at least eleven metres is located right by the shipyard. The shipbuilding hall, which is perfectly aligned with the slipway, allows repairs to be carried out on yachts, auxiliary ships and naval vessels of up to 80 metres in length regardless of the weather. Both the shipbuilding hall and the production hall, which was thoroughly overhauled in 2013 to handle the processing of aluminium and stainless steel components, can be heated. The Neue Jadewerft shipyard’s modern infrastructure is designed with maximum efficiency in mind and is perfectly complemented by the repair shops arranged around the shipbuilding hall.